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DISTANCE: 482 kms     TOTAL ASCENT: 3886m     HIGH POINT: 2804m

The Arkhangai province is considered amongst the most beautiful parts of the country, thanks to its rugged mountains, swathes of forest and crystal clear streams. It’s an area that’s also cooler in the summer and has better access to water than lower lying areas of the steppe, making it ideal for bicycle tours. The difficulty of this tour (1 to 10) is 6

This route will take you from the magnificent Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake to the provincial capital, Tsetserleg. Dirt, grass and gravel roads abound. Where there are none, simply pedal your way across open steppe – the rolling, grassy terrain that makes up the majority of the country. Expect Mongolian hospitality from every gher (yurt) you pass, in the form of warm smiles, fresh milk and jawbreakingly dry cheese, generally washed down with a shot of homebrew vodka. And, be prepared to swap a spin on your bike for a gallop on a horse!




For the others who want to take their time and stop to fully appreciate the rhythm of life of the nomads, an average of 30 kms is to be envisaged. The accommodation is in

tent or "tourist camp" for those who want a little more comfort. Possibility also to sleep in small hotels in the 3 small towns crossed. 


Take with you warm sleeping bags because the weather is capricious and the highest camp is more than 2500 meters above sea level. You can expect cold nights




The Khangai Mountains, range in central Mongolia extends northwest-southeast for about 500 miles (805 km), parallels the Mongolian Altai mountains(south), and rises to a height of 12,812 feet (3,905 m) in Otgon Tenger Peak. Most of its northern drainage flows into the Selenge River, which, with its chief tributary, the Orhon, drains into Lake Baikal in Siberia. The rivers of the steeper southern slopes end in salt lakes or disappear in the Gobi Desert.

Tsetserleg is the capital of the province of Arkhangai. It is located 1691 metres (1,1 mile) above the sea level, South Bulgan Mount, 468 kilometres (291 miles) from Ulan Bator. Its name means "garden" in Mongolian ; it's actually one of the most green cities of the country.

Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake a is freshwater lake,located near the Khorgo volcano crater in Tariat in Arkhangai province. 
This lake was created as a result of a 4050 cm thick basaltic blockage of  Terkhiin River, following the eruption of Khorgo volcano and some other volcanoes.
The highest Khorgiin togoo is located on the east shore of Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan. From its summit, has a splendid view over the whole region and the lake. Terkhiin Tsagaan has more than 10 species of fish such as Taimen, perch, lenok and pike.  





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