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There are 3 golden rules for preparing your trip:


1) Don't plan too much

2) Don't plan too much

3) Don't plan too much


Mongolia is unlike anything you have ever seen. It can be very cold or very hot with no warning. On Monday, you can do a stage of 180 km, the next day the same stage will not exceed 20 km. Watch the videos below and you will understand why. The imponderables are so numerous that I am not going to list them but still: physical condition, stomach problems, weather conditions, difficult river crossings, mechanical problems, punctures, difference in levels between participants. And that’s why tourist camp reservations and day-by-day schedules don’t work here.


All this is not to discourage you but to make you aware that Mongolia is an adventure destination and that is why we love it.


Have a general idea of ​​where you want to go and no more than that. Be ready to modify your itinerary in the first few days. Be humble, this is not a rally but a journey to discover a country and its people. It would be a shame to miss out. Those accustomed to European highways where everything is planned down to the minute will have to get used to it.

Experience has shown us that older, more experienced travellers who take it easy are those who succeed in their trips. Those excited about speed and performance don't last long and often give up along the way. Too bad for them


In summary, be cool, drive slowly and your trip will be an unforgettable success

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