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A few years ago, finding a place to sleep was a real challenge. Apart from camping in the wild, there was not much. The hotels were depressing, expensive and rare. Today, with the opening of the country, the choice has improved considerably. You now have the choice between different options. Comfort will not always be there but there will always be a roof over your head

Mongolia looks like a huge campsite. You can camp everywhere but there are still some basic rules to follow.
- Do not camp near a town or village - Drunks and thieves may come to bother you at night.
- Do not camp in isolated places. Always try to camp at a respectful distance from a family of nomads. You will benefit from the protection of their dog. Check before planting your tent that the men in the family are not drunk. Select a family with women and kids if you have the choice. 
- Do not wash in the river in the presence of Mongolians. 
- Bring some small presents and candies to give to the nomads. 
- Avoid at all cost camping in a 100kms radius of UB. 
In many places, nomadic families have set up gers that they rent to passing travelers. It is certainly one of the best solution for spending the night in a relative comfort while having a privileged contact with the nomads. No showers, the toilets - a rudimentary hole - are outside. Possibility also to take meals. Do not expect an elaborate menu. Only Mongolian dishes that will fill your stomach after a day's driving. 
Expect to pay between 8 and 10 usd for a bed and 3 to 5 usd for a meal

We like this option because the money paid goes directly into the local economy

In all the big villages, it is now possible to find hotels or guesthouses. The villages where you can find these establishments are indicated on the google map selfguided routes. The comfort can be basic but  you can take a shower and meet other travelers. After a few nights of camping, they are generally welcome.

Expect to pay between 15 and 30 usd for a room.

The tourist camps are everywhere in the steppe. Of uneven quality and with a service that sometimes leaves something to be desired. It is certainly the most comfortable and easy way. Nevertheless, it comes with a price and it is cruelly lacking in authenticity
. Expect to pay 50 usd or more for half board and for a bed in a ger that you share with other people.

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