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This 2100 kilometer itinerary will allow you to discover all that Mongolia has best to offer. A journey through time and space where crystal clear lakes rub shoulders with extinct volcanoes across the infinite steppe. 

From Oulan Bator we go west to discover Karakorum, the old capital. After a bath in restorative spas, we set off to discover 2 of the most beautiful and emblematic lakes in the country: the Terkhiin Tsagaan and the magnificent Kovsgol, just south of the Siberian border. One of the largest open-pit coal mines and a fascinating monastery are still on the program on the way back. 

For lovers of wide open spaces, adventure awaits and you will not be disappointed. The tracks present hardly any difficulty apart from a few passages which can be a bit technical. 

  • Distance: Around 2000 kilometers

  • Duration: 14 days

  • 12 riding days

  • 2 rest day 

  • Level: Intermediate - Expert

  • daily route: 33-260 kms

  • Accomodation: hotels and tourist camps carefully selected

  • Highlights: Terkhiin Tsagaan nuur, Karakorum, Kovsgol Lake, the Amarbayasgalant Monastery., Tsenher hot spas, Erdenet open pit mine

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