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                                                  FOR THOSE WHO ONLY HAVE FEW DAYS. 

This circuit of about 230 km, can be done  in 2 or 3 days. There you will visit the monastery of Manzuchir, not far from the small town of Zuunmod. Then you will make a big loop that will take you through the magnificent national park of Terelj and the monumental equestrian statue of Genghis Khan. Finally you will come back to Cheketours following the Tuul river south of Ulan Bator. You can find lots of accommodation in Terelj where you can experience Mongolian hospitality by staying in yurts belonging to nomads. There are also some small hotels in Zunmod.

Be careful, the same village can have several different names which adds to the confusion. The best application is Mapsme which can be downloaded for free and whose names roughly match those of the map of Mongolia. Google maps is only recommended to find hotels. The names of the villages are often different

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