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Travel by motorbike throughout the Mongolian steppe in complete freedom. Nomadic People, nights in yurts, gorgeous landscapes await you in this timeless journey.  On this trip you will:

- discover Karakorum, the ancient capital

- dive into a in restorative spas

- swim in one of the most beautiful and emblematic lake in the country: the Terkhiin Tsagaan

- climb a fascinating monastery 

- hike a volcano. 

This trip is for people looking for authenticity, with a great sense of independence and in love of the great outdoors

Be careful, the same village can have several different names which adds to the confusion. The best application is Komoot which can be used off line and whose names roughly match those of the map of Mongolia. Google maps is only recommended to find hotels. The names of the villages are often different. 

This route that you can download on your phone is not 100% reliable. Indeed, a river whose water has risen due to rain may prove to be impassable at the location indicated on your GPS. The tracks are in perpetual motion but the general direction remains the same.

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